Our Crypto Incident Response Service Areas

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Ransomware Attack: Assess Incident and Regain Control

In the unfortunate event of a ransomware attack, we leverage our expertise to assist corporates and individuals in identifying the extent of the breach and recovering their digital assets. Our comprehensive approach includes analysis of blockchain transactions and strategic guidance to help you regain control and map your next steps with your professional advisors.

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Wallet Hacking Investigation: Trace Stolen Funds

If your crypto wallet has been compromised, our skilled team of experts conducts thorough investigations to trace the movement of your digital assets. Leveraging our deep knowledge of blockchain technology, we identify the attackers wallets and work diligently to provide you with actionable insights to discuss with your legal and/or professional advisors.

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Our Crypto Incident Response Service Offerings

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Incident Assessment: Guiding Victims Through the Initial Phase

For victims unfamiliar with blockchain and cryptocurrency terminology, our Crypto Incident Response Assessment service provides a 30-minute call session to answer basic questions and collect relevant information, including the victim’s wallet address and other necessary details. In cases where the required information cannot be obtained immediately, we assess the best methods to obtain it in collaboration with the victim.

The assessment serves multiple purposes: providing clarity about the situation, outlining the initial steps for incident analysis, and allowing us to consider your case details. This initial interaction enables us to offer our preliminary insights and recommendations before both parties invest further time and resources.

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Incident Reports: Understanding Complexity and Recovery Routes

Our Crypto Incident Response Reports are invaluable resources for victims before engaging forensic investigators or initiating legal proceedings. These reports provide victims (and potentially their advisors) with in-depth data and information about their case, helping them understand the complexity involved and the available routes for asset recovery. Furthermore, the reports offer insights into potential costs associated with pursuing legal action and provide guidance on how to optimize the recovery process.

Why Choose Our Crypto Incident Response Report?

  • Swift Action: Time is of the essence. We’re dedicated to producing your report quickly, helping you make informed decisions without delay.
  • Cost-Effective: Our service is a fraction of what you might pay forensic investigators or legal teams. Save your resources for when you really need them.
  • Holistic Insight: With a unique blend of knowledge from both the crypto forensics arena and the legal domain, our report provides comprehensive advice. Our founder’s two-decade tenure in financial services, especially in financial crime practices, ensures your report is backed by unparalleled expertise.
  • Clarity on Next Steps: Understand the destination of your funds, identify the main crypto exchanges involved, and get insights about these platforms. With this information in hand, you can evaluate the feasibility and costs of further actions.
  • Informed Decision Making: Our cost-benefit analysis advice is crafted to help you discern the best route forward, ensuring you don’t dive into recovery actions blindfolded.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of an incident report?

The incident report offers invaluable data that aids victims (and their professional advisors) of crypto fraud, scams, or other schemes in making informed decisions. The report offers information on the destination/s of the stolen digital assets, the crypto exchanges involved, the amount of digital assets that ended up in each crypto exchange, the hops, and the timestamps of the digital asset movements. This information can be crucial in assessing whether it’s worthwhile to proceed with costly and time-consuming forensic analysis, litigation, or other type of professional support for asset recovery.

For whom is the incident report meant for?

The incident report is designed for victims of crypto fraud and scams, as well as professional advisors like solicitors, who are consulting these victims and are at the initial stages of case assessment. The incident report is not intended for use by state or police authorities, the legal divisions of states or countries (e.g. Attorney General’s office) or any other government bodies or institutions.

How quickly can an incident report be generated?

With all the necessary information at hand, an incident report can typically be generated within 48 to 72 hours.

What information is needed to generate the incident report?

To generate an incident report, the following information is required:

  • The time and day the assets were first identified as missing.
  • The public wallet address/es from where the digital assets were paid out/transferred to the scammers.
  • The list of all transactions from each of the wallets (if possible)
  • The type of cryptocurrency lost (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano et al).
  • The total amount of digital assets lost as part of the scam.
Is there a minimum amount of loss that the client must have suffered to qualify them as eligible for an incident report?

No, there is no minimum amount of loss required to be eligible for an incident report. The report is beneficial not only for asset recovery but also for obtaining information that could lead to the indictment of criminals involved.

Would I be able to pass on your report to state authorities and police investigators?

Our incident report is not designed for use by state or police authorities or the attorney general’s office. It is meant for the client’s personal use and that of his professional advisors.

Would you be able to provide expert witnesses or offer in court testimony for the purposes of litigation? Can we bring you in touch with police or other state or governmental bodies or representatives to support them in taking their investigation forward?

Our reports are not intended to be used as part of legal proceedings or for official investigation purposes as they are not drafted and structured for this purpose. To this end, our firm does not specialise in providing expert witnesses nor does it work with governmental bodies to support them in their investigation process.

Why shouldn’t I obtain the services of forensic investigators (either directly or through my lawyers)?

Opting for a forensic investigation might be suitable for some cases, but there are reasons to consider an incident report first:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Incident reports come at a significantly lower cost compared to forensic reports.
  • Speed: Forensic reports can take much longer to prepare, whereas we can generate an incident report within 48 to 72 hours with the necessary information in hand.
  • Purpose: Forensic reports are drafted for court usage and official purposes, making them more expensive. Our report provides essential data for initial decision-making without the additional legal formalities.

Ready to Take Control?

If you’ve found yourself on the receiving end of a crypto scam or fraud attack, don’t navigate the next steps alone. Let our experience guide your journey.

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